Many parents experience some difficulty initiating discussion or answering questions with their children on sexual matters. Family Life Victoria offer workshops for school communities, designed to help parents feel more confident and able to communicate with children about sexuality. Workshop are a minimum of two hours, where the topic is developed and tailored for each group to ensure it addresses the specific needs of the group.

Details on our more popular topics are listed below-


Talking to Kids About Sex

This workshop will explore the concepts of ‘What is sexuality?’ and ‘When does sexuality¬†begin?’. Parents and carers can learn strategies on how to clearly communicate the message they want their child to receive, including strategies on how to deal with “awkward” questions and challenging behaviours.


Sexual Development in a Digital Age

This workshop is designed to help parents and carers work with children, so that they have safe and positive experiences online. Parents will be better able to recognise the role family plays in a child’s sexual development. Topics such as exposure to pornography and sexting, including the concept of ‘Is this normal?’ may also be discussed.


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