Sexuality Education for Students with Special Needs

Sexuality for Everybody

Family Life Victoria offers sexuality education programs for special needs students, tailored to the specific needs and capabilities of classes. The approach used is simple, straight-forward and sensitive. The content of the sessions is age-specific and interactive, using a variety of audio-visual materials, discussions and games.

The program is conducted over several 1 hour sessions in a sensitive, fun way, where children are encouraged to ask questions. Our programs respect and support the role of family in sexuality education and promote their involvement through the use of follow-up activities and homework sheets

The program format is flexible and can consist of several 1-hour units, depending on the topics chosen by the school. Our team of Educators are skilled and experienced in delivering Special Needs Programs to a range of both primary and secondary schools in Victoria. The program can include information about:

  • The changes of puberty; including physical, emotional and social changes
  • Menstruation and management
  • Reproduction
  • Appropriate and inappropriate expressions of sexuality
  • Public and private body parts, places and behaviours
  • Personal safety and protective
  • behaviours
  • Different types of relationships
  • Coping with relationship difficulties or rejection
  • Sex and relationships

Family Life Victoria promotes the right of people with disabilities to access effective education programs and services to meet their sexual and reproductive health needs

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