Our Speaker Program is conducted as a 1.5 hour presentation style layout for secondary school students, in groups as large as 60 students provided there is adequate audio/visual equipment. The topics offered for Speaker Programs are listed below:

Puberty – “I Am Changing, But I’m Not Alone”

The process of puberty is a significant time in the life of a young person and many young people find some difficulty adjusting to the many changes that occur. This session allows participants to discuss some typical experiences of puberty. The physical and emotional changes of puberty are discussed and reproductive vocabulary is introduced to assist students develop a broader understanding of the male and female reproductive systems.

Sexual Health

This unit has been developed to equip young people with information they need to help empower them to make decisions regarding their sexual health and sexual activity. Participants will be able to discuss and explore a range of issues relevant to sexual health within a decision making context, including exploring some possible positive or negative consequences of sexual activity. The laws around sexual activity and some brief information on contraception will also be discussed.

Relating with Others

Adolescence for many young people can be a time when there can be many changes in relationships that can be difficult to understand and deal with. Most teenagers say that their friends are really important in their lives. Students will be able to discuss the notion of friendships, including intimate relationships, and what makes them effective. Participants will explore what a respectful relationship looks like in a friendship or intimate relationship, including discussion on how relationships can change as people grow older will be discussed.

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