Elective units offer an opportunity to further develop ideas introduced in a Primary School Program. Strategies for each unit are developed based on a profile of each group and are conducted in a fun but sensitive style. The in-built flexibility of the units ensure that the content is relevant and appropriate for the needs and abilities of each group.

The following units of work (1 hour each) are available:

Body Image – There’s Only One You!

This session will offer an understanding of the issues involved in determining a healthy body image, including strategies for young people who may be confronted by some of these issues. The unit is designed to help students of all shapes and sizes feel good about and care for their bodies and themselves. Family Life Victoria is in a position to work for social change – with the fashion, fitness and media industries; as well as health, education and research professionals.


This unit will consider what communication is and why it matters. It aims to raise awareness of behaviour that can help and hinder effective communication. Students will explore non-verbal messages and have an opportunity to discuss some specific communication skills including:
– Listening attentively
– Determining the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours.

Peer Relationships

Adolescence can be a time of many changes in friendships, which young people can find difficult to understand and deal with. Students will be able to discuss friendships and what makes them effective. Students will discuss behaviour that can help friendships and behaviour that can hurt friendships. The unit will also explore some helpful and not so helpful aspects of peer pressure.

Decision Making

This unit is recommended for students in Years 5-6, where they begin to make more decisions for themselves. Students will discuss why making good decisions is important. A step-by-step problem solving process is used to solve individual problems and disagreements that young people may face at this age. The unit will also consider personal values and how they affect our lives. Students will gain an understanding of the decision making process, but also of the influences, consequences and effects they may have on themselves and their relationships.

Feeling Safe

This unit is about empowerment and protective behaviours. Students will be introduced to some strategies that will assist them to feel safe and to be safe including:
– Identifying Early Warning Signs
– Affirming the right to say “NO”
The unit will also consider appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and issues of privacy.

Bullying – Everyone’s Responsibility

This unit will consider the effects of bullying behaviour on victims. Students will explore the idea of respect for one another and promote an atmosphere of mutual trust. Students will also develop some strategies to enable them to support themselves and others in bullying situations.

Personal Hygiene

This unit will consider what personal hygiene is and why it is important. Students are introduced to the concept of maintaining bodies that are healthy and clean. The session enables them to “feel good in their skin”. Issues of hand washing, daily showering, oral hygiene, hair and skin care are discussed; including discussions on the effects Puberty will have on hygiene habits.

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