Family Life Victoria (FLV) has been delivering School Programs in the classroom setting for over 25 years; offering young people an opportunity to gain accurate, age appropriate information.

The Primary Programs consists of several 1-hour core modules, with optional elective modules available as add-ons. Developed in alignment with the AusVELS Health Curriculum, the content of the modules are age-specific and interactive, using a variety of discussions, activities and games to create a sensitive, positive and fun experience.

Sexuality education is included in the AusVELS health curriculum for Prep – Year 10 students. Schools are mandated by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to assess their curriculum using the ‘Sexuality Education Curriculum Audit Tool’ and ensure a whole-school sexuality education model is in place. Our School Programs are built to complement the health & interpersonal lessons and can assist schools meet their curriculum obligations.


Look I’m Changing
This session focuses on providing information about the physical changes of puberty for boys and girls. Periods and sperm production are discussed.

I’m in Charge
This session will give students an opportunity to discuss some of the common emotional changes that young people may experience at puberty. Discussion of mood swings and their effects will also take place.

What’s It All About
The process of conception, foetal development & birth are covered in the context of family relationships.


Myself and My Family
This session discusses how families work and what it means to be in a family. Children will learn to understand their own family unit, the key message being that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Body Parts and Functions
The class will learn how to tell the difference between a male and a female, including exploration of some gender stereotypes. The session will encourage naming of body parts and functions.

Reproduction, Pregnancy and Birth
Reproduction will be discussed in the context of family relationships, including conception, foetal development & birth.


My Family and Me
This session will discuss some of the ways families can be similar and different. Family will be acknowledged for their role in the lives of children. The session will also discuss:

  • A baby begins when an egg and a sperm join
  • Some of the features of a baby as it grows
  • The birth process explained simply

Me and My Body
This session discusses some of the similarities and differences between male and female bodies:

  • Male body parts: penis and testicles
  • Female body parts: breasts, uterus, ovaries and vagina.

Ideas about privacy and protective behaviour are also discussed.


On request, we offer a Parent Information Evening to accompany Primary School Program bookings. This 1-hour session allows an opportunity for parents/carers to find out the content, language and strategies used in-class during the program. Importantly, it also allows an opportunity to have any queries or concerns addressed. This session is particularly helpful for schools whose parent community may be unfamiliar with our programs; generally being held 1-2 weeks prior to the commencement of the School Program.

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