Family Life Victoria (FLV) believe parents and carers are and always will be the primary sexuality educators of their children. Our Family Programs emphasise this and assist families to be part of a positive experience of talking about reproduction, pregnancy and birth, including the physical, social and emotional aspects of puberty.

The program is attended by parents/carers and their children and is conducted by trained, experienced educators. It provides a platform to start the conversation in a safe, supportive and non-threatening setting. 40,000 young people and their families participate in Family Life Victoria sexuality education programs every year.

Session 1 – Body Basics

Recommended for Years 1 & 2

This session helps children understand their own family unit and opens discussion on different types of families, the key message being that families come in all different shapes and sizes. Male and female similarities and differences are discussed, including discussion on stereotypes. Appropriate language for male and female body parts is introduced and conception is explained in terms of sperm and egg joining together for a baby to begin. Families are encouraged to talk about some of the features of an unborn baby and what happens at birth.

Session 2 – Where Did I Come From?

Recommended for Years 3 & 4

This session supports and acknowledges the many different kinds of families and family relationships. The session will encourage naming of body parts and their functions, building on and extending children’s understanding of conception and fertilisation. Foetal development and the birth process is also discussed.

Session 3 – Preparing for Puberty

Recommended for Years 5 & 6

This session helps prepare young people and their families for the changes they may expect during puberty. The physical changes of puberty are discussed, emphasising that puberty can be different for everyone. Periods and sperm production is also explained. Some common social and emotional experiences during puberty are discussed as well.

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