Family Life Victoria (FLV) provides schools and communities with access to comprehensive, supportive and age-appropriate sexuality education programs. Today, the concept of sexuality education is considered distinctly different from ‘sex education’. Many people will remember occasional and clumsy discussions, where the emphasis was more on reproductive information than interpersonal and emotional issues like intimacy, attraction or gender.

The Victorian Health and Physical Education Curriculum explores significant transitions across the lifespan including puberty, to gain an understanding of human sexuality and factors that influence its expression.  The exploration of human development also includes a focus on the establishment of personal identity, factors that shape identity and the validity of stereotypes. Family Life Victoria (FLV) programs align with this curriculum.

Mission Statement

Family Life Victoria (FLV) acknowledges the diversity of families; and through sensitive, dynamic and comprehensive sexuality and human relations programs:

  • Supports and empowers families as the prime educators of their children;
  • Models and encourages effective communication; and
  • Promotes an attitude to sexuality that encompasses the whole person.


Royal Commission in to Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

In May 2015, FLV tendered a submission to the Royal Commission in to Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse entitled The Power of Sexuality Education. We cited the research of Deakin University, Michael Flood, Freda Briggs and others to support the theory that not only does education empower individuals, it also offers a pathway toward preventative action for child sexual abuse and can assist to aid recovery.

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