The organisation was founded in 1926 originally called “Father and Son Welfare Movement of Australia”, with the aim of providing authoritative sex education for young people as well as marriage and family guidance. In the years between 1954 and 1956 it issued its first set of nine sex education guides and its output since then has been prolific. In 1969 alone, its sale of sex education books exceeded 1.5 million copies (in a country whose population was less than 12 million). It also produced recordings and sent out speakers to schools and organisations on request.

For many young Australians, it provided their only contact with any sort of informed sex education.


Family Life Victoria Inc. (FLV) is a non-government, not-for-profit, secular association with links to other state educational bodies and agencies. Since its inception in 1926, FLV has evolved as a provider of specialist services in sexuality education.

Family Life Victoria is a fee for service agency; administered through a central office in Camberwell, Victoria.

In May 2017, the previously Victorian branch (Family Life Victoria) and NSW branch (Interrelate) rejoined forces to become a single entity. Both FLV and Interrelate stemmed from the Father and Son Welfare Movement of Australia before the states began operating as separate branches. As a result, our clients will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of 2 organisations, who have a shared history and the same values.


Family Life Victoria Limited is now a subsidiary of Interrelate. Read More

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