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FLV acknowledges the diversity of families and through sensitive, dynamic and comprehensive sexuality and human relations programs.


  • Supports and empowers families as the prime educators of their children.

  • Models and encourages effective communication.

  • Promotes an attitude to sexuality that encompasses the whole person.

Our Vision for Healthy Communities is:

"Individuals and families living in rewarding relationships"



FLV is a member of the Health and Community Professionals Network.

FLV can assist your school to meet the Statewide benchmarks in sexual health and wellbeing.  Let’s Talk and we can discuss how.

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Email: enquiry@familylifevictoria.org.au

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FLV Patron -
Steve Biddulph AM

Steve Biddulph

"Just spent a day training"........

"I think the FLV educators and the people who support them are some of the finest people I know"........


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